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Title: Solar Flare
[ profile] ygodrabble Challenge Name and Number: Crack, #062
Rating: PG
Word Count: 592
Warnings: Probably won't make much sense if you haven't seen anything with the Eleventh Doctor.
Summary: Somewhere out there, the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River are saving the whole of time and space. But Yami doesn't know that, he only knows that the world is ending. It shouldn't surprise him that Bakura's dark personality still seeks him out in the end. Coincides with the end of season 5 for the new Doctor Who series.

On a starless night, a crack—barely perceivable at first—appeared on Yuugi's bedroom wall. )
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Work has been a little hectic and I have to go to DC this Saturday for my brother's graduation. But I thought I'd go ahead and drop a preview of what I have been sort of working on. It's my biopunk story for the [community profile] genretwisting Bingo Challenge.

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Title: Tomb of Horrors
[profile] ygodrabble Challenge Name and Number: Trap, #035
Word Count: 591
Rating: G
Warnings (if applicable): Character deaths- sorta
Pairings (if applicable): None
Summary: In the end, only Anzu and Honda were left.

Tomb of Horrors )
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I wonder if posting snippets of what I'm working on will help me focus more on writing. It's sad that when I've run out of intrinsic motivation, I need shots of extrinsic ones to keep going.

From chapter 3 of Looking Back in Retrospective (OMG, need title change so bad!) )

There's something aggravating about trying to write historical fiction, especially Ancient Egyptian. The names by which we commonly know the gods of the Egyptian religion are largely Greek/Roman adaptations. While I am mostly okay with using the more common names for the gods, I seem to have trouble doing the same with names of cities and other locations (see Waset -> Thebes -> Luxor).
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Mutou Manami was seven when her father vanished. )

Now I can go back to trying to work on the epilogue and the first story in 5200 Miles To Go.
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Seto’s Pure Heart!? Jounouchi To The Rescue
By Alecto Perdita
Originally written for the [ profile] ygodrabble Secret Santa Exchange
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kaiba/Jounouchi if you squint

Summary: Kaiba is in Tokyo to receive an award. Unfortunately, he meets up with Jounouchi and some of the city's more interesting residents along the way... Yu-Gi-Oh! (Post-Series)/Sailor Moon (S season) crossover.

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh is the intellectual property of Takahashi Kazuki, and Sailor Moon is the intellectual property of Takeuchi Naoko. Both are being used in this fanfiction for fan purposes only. All situations, opinions and characters not belonging to them are the intellectual property of Alecto Perdita.

Kaiba gets attacked by a daemon? )
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I know I'm behind on a bunch of writing, so to help myself concentrate I'm compiling a list of my plot bunnies. There's no guarantee I will write all/any of these, but I have tried to order them in how likely I am. This will be updated as I get more?


☆ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters ☆

☆ Harry Potter ☆

Take a peek under the cut )


Nov. 11th, 2010 01:32 pm
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It's been a pretty crappy week so far...

Cut for possible TMI about doctor visits )

As for fandom stuff, I'm slowly working on the last chapter of Joey...

[ profile] yuletide has released their full lists of eligible fandoms for this year. Much to my disappointment, they did trim YGO from the list after review. But at least I remember my shoujo/magical girl shows from the 90s. I do have to groan that Hetalia made the list though. As if you couldn't already go anywhere in anime fandom without tripping over a pile of Hetalia stuff... Ha! Hetalia was pruned. :P

If anyone is thinking of participating in yuletide this year, you do need an account with A3O to sign up and participate. The yuletide admins will be handing out the invites for the archive, so email them soonish if you don't want to end up at the end of the list.

[ profile] ygodrabble is doing a Secret Santa drabble exchange. I'm definitely going to participate in that; just need to get my application in.

And there's the new round of [ profile] kj_roundrobin that'll start soonish? I feel kind of selfish because I want to wait to see what the chosen bunny is before I decide to participate. Please don't hate me, [ profile] darkmus! Two or three of the ones listed interest me, but others; I don't think I would do so well with.
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We're watching the Yu-Gi-Oh! dub of Noa's Arc on Toonzaki. OMG! I forgot how bad the dub was! Loling forever at some of the choice dialogue that 4Kids thought was awesome.

Joey: Someone get the jam cuz these guys are toast!

I do love how Kaiba is even more of an abusive asshole in the dub.

Stun phasers!

And no one ever dies, they just "disappear"!

4Kids has truly mastered the art of dubs so bad that they're good.
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After talking with [ profile] cheeky_duckie about Rebecca/Mokuba the other day, I've come under the attack of a plot bunny.

I guess it's basically expanding on their background as a couple in Joey, mainly Mokuba as a junior in college where he meets Rebecca when she's the TA for a course he's taking. This totally needs a lot more development before I could consider turning it into a fic...

Not to mention the other items on my fanfic writing plate:
- Finish Joey
- YGO/Skip Beat crossover in Joey universe
- Looking Back in Retrospective (in dire need of a title change and better outline)
- Untitled KaiJou fic taking place 5 years after the anime ends as Kaiba starts to build Duel Academy? (because I wanted something not angst-ridden!)
- More half-formed plot bunnies

For work, I have the pleasure of doing editorial reviews on two journal manuscripts and two proposals to the Army Research Institute within the next week. Kill me now...
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Chapter 12 of Joey is up if anyone actually cares.

Track 12: Echoes

Now I have some chi-square analysis to do. -_-
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