Nov. 11th, 2010 01:32 pm
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It's been a pretty crappy week so far...

So I'm prone to this wonderful type of infection: urinary tract infection. When it hits me, my entire life comes to a standstill for about 48 hours, or longer if I can't see a doctor ASAP. It's fucking painful and it makes it really hard to concentrate on anything but the pain. But I saw my doctor on Tuesday. She prescribed me a 3 day regimen of antibiotics, which I'm currently on the last of. I think I should be okay from this point on. But nothing sucks more than almost clearing out the infection and having it come back in another few days. So I'm really hoping this 3-day regimen is enough. The six-day regime makes me feel a lot safer, but I'm going to start developing immunities fast.

Maybe I'll be able to get through next year without a single infection... Anything is better than my junior year in college, where I had three separate infections within a four month span.

As for fandom stuff, I'm slowly working on the last chapter of Joey...

[ profile] yuletide has released their full lists of eligible fandoms for this year. Much to my disappointment, they did trim YGO from the list after review. But at least I remember my shoujo/magical girl shows from the 90s. I do have to groan that Hetalia made the list though. As if you couldn't already go anywhere in anime fandom without tripping over a pile of Hetalia stuff... Ha! Hetalia was pruned. :P

If anyone is thinking of participating in yuletide this year, you do need an account with A3O to sign up and participate. The yuletide admins will be handing out the invites for the archive, so email them soonish if you don't want to end up at the end of the list.

[ profile] ygodrabble is doing a Secret Santa drabble exchange. I'm definitely going to participate in that; just need to get my application in.

And there's the new round of [ profile] kj_roundrobin that'll start soonish? I feel kind of selfish because I want to wait to see what the chosen bunny is before I decide to participate. Please don't hate me, [ profile] darkmus! Two or three of the ones listed interest me, but others; I don't think I would do so well with.
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