Mar. 28th, 2011

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I wonder if posting snippets of what I'm working on will help me focus more on writing. It's sad that when I've run out of intrinsic motivation, I need shots of extrinsic ones to keep going.

From chapter 3 of Looking Back in Retrospective (OMG, need title change so bad!) )

There's something aggravating about trying to write historical fiction, especially Ancient Egyptian. The names by which we commonly know the gods of the Egyptian religion are largely Greek/Roman adaptations. While I am mostly okay with using the more common names for the gods, I seem to have trouble doing the same with names of cities and other locations (see Waset -> Thebes -> Luxor).
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So I just pre-ordered Portal 2 as a two-pack off Steam. One is going to Mike because buying the two-pack got us the 20% as opposed to 10% discount.

That also means I have two extra copies of the original Portal, which were given as pre-order bonuses.

First two people to comment and give me their email address, I will send them each a digital copy of the game.

A few things you should keep in mind if you want Portal. You will need to install Valve's official software, Steam, and register an account with them. If you already have Steam, you can hit me with your account name instead, and I will add you and send the game to that account.


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