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Maybe I watch too much TV... )

ETA Just looked up the upcoming fall anime lineup, which seems mostly filled with otaku bait. Uh, thanks Japan, but no thanks. I'll give Iron Man a try though, because (1) it's animated by Madhouse and (2) Warren Ellis worked on it so it's gotta at least be entertaining, right?
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Moonlight in Tokyo
Starring: Leon Lai & Chapman To
Language: Available in Cantonese and Mandarin, English subtitles should be on the official VCD/DVD
First Released: 12/2005

When you watch a movie that looks like some strange Chinese cross between Rainman and Deuce Bigolo, you don't expect to shed any non-stupidity related tears. Starring both Leon Lai (one of the preceding Four Heavenly Kings) and Chapman To, I guess I should have known better. Looking at what I know of Leon Lai's acting record, I shouldn't have expected anything too happy. So what happens when you dump a mildly retarded Chinese man in the middle of Tokyo where he gets picked up by a former classmate and pawned off as a Korean gigolo to help said classmate repay his debt to the yakuza? )
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Oh, look it's the latest Jackie Chan movie. No, not Rush Hour 3. I recently got around to watching 神話 (Shen Hua), or as it is known in English The Myth. The Myth was probably The Pan-Asian film of 2005. There's a lot of stars here: Jacky Chan, Tony Leung, Korean superstar Kim Hee Sun, Indian eye candy Mallika Sherawat, and Jackie Chan's bodyguard?. And this is my review... )
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