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  • 發誓 (I Swear) by 鍾嘉欣 (Linda Chung)

  • Music Video on Youtube- I never realized how pretty she was until this video...

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  • 幸而 (Fortunately) by 胡杏兒 (Myolie Wu)

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    Another song to come tomorrow!
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  • Jolly Jolly by JiLL-Decoy association
  • Irony by JiLL-Decoy association
  • bite by JiLL-Decoy association
  • I miss you? by Do As Infinity
  • let go (acoustic version) by m-flo loves YOSHIKA
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    I hate feeling tired all the time.  It's ridiculous since I get a decent enough amount of sleep compared to some of my peers (probably due to the fact I do less work than them...).  Yet it seems I only spend about 1/4 of the day, or even just my life, fully awake or alert.  Consequently, nothing I do ever seems good enough or even enough.  I know I should work harder.  I know I should be doing better.  I whine too much and can't seem to keep my mouth shut even knowing so.  As people have been kind enough to point out in the past in a rather succinct manner: I suck.

    Here's a song for having to deal with my inferiority issues.  Sometimes, this one helps me feel just a bit more awake...

  • Sounds of Life (Feat. Jasmine Yee) by Pendulum

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  • Time Is Running Out by Muse

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  • SUGAR GUITAR by Skye Sweetnam for TRAPNEST (It's so wonderfully sugary rock!)

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  • miss you by m-flo loves melody. & 山本領平 (It may be a bit old, but still all the awesome.)

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  • FLOAT'N FLOW by m-flo loves Rie fu

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    I admit it... I'm a sucker for anything m-flo... Let me know if you like!
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    Raymond was in Vancouver in June?! Stop talking in the background, you old hags! That is one lucky little teenie bopper... *is envious though* And he's singing one of Jacky's songs too... *is fangirling this shaky clip like no tomorrow*

    So if Raymond = the new Jacky Cheung... Does Ron = the new Aaron Kwok? Personally, I think the line, "You look so high," (in English) is pure comedy gold.

    Damn Canadians... I don't see TVB actors coming to the US... Damn Canadian born TVB actors... "What up, Lam Fung?" in this video also made me laugh out loud.

    And I want his Mandarin skillz!
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    Ok, people! What shirt should Alecto get? This or this one. And no, I want to avoid getting both... >.>

    Check out my One Ultimate Playlist of D00M to Rule Them All. Over 84 hours of music! I'm sure there are people with more though... So if anyone wants anything from the list, feel free to ask me for it. Oh and "?" are for Japanese characters and gibberish like number one on the list ("³¢´I«° - ¨g³¥¤§«°") are Chinese characters. Damn Winamp for not being a true unicode player... But they have such pretty skins...

    ETA This is pretty awesome too. Just very very slow at the moment.


    Apr. 17th, 2006 07:53 pm
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    The PV for Suga Shikao's 19 Sai.  Go get it!

    *prods the download to move quicker*

    Reaction (capslock abuse ahead)
    OMG! MOST FUCKED UP TWISTED PV EVAR!!!!1111 *oogles* Yeah... I really don't watch that many PVs...

    [ profile] alecto_chan: this wins for most fucked up PV ever
    [ profile] alecto_chan: it's got bugs, masturbation, near rape, everything o.OOOO
    [ profile] dm_san: yay! lets karaoke sub it
    [ profile] dm_san: XD
    [ profile] alecto_chan: omg, dude!
    [ profile] dm_san: ?
    [ profile] alecto_chan: that'd be a yes
    [ profile] dm_san: oh
    [ profile] dm_san: XD
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    First, I'm leaving for New York tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again after so long!

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    And for everyone else (so this post isn't completely devoid of merit): MUSIC SPAM!
  • 吳國敬 (Eddie Ng) & 蘇永康 (William So) - 老死 (Lao Si) (Music video with all it's slashy undertones can be found here)

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  • Nickelback - Side Of A Bullet

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