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Work has been a little hectic and I have to go to DC this Saturday for my brother's graduation. But I thought I'd go ahead and drop a preview of what I have been sort of working on. It's my biopunk story for the [community profile] genretwisting Bingo Challenge.

The ceiling overhead was obscured in shadows, but he could clearly make out the fact it was tiled. His entire cell was built with cement though. Even the air tasted different- as if it wasn't endlessly filtered and recycled. Without sitting up in bed, he turned his head and saw curtains fluttering in the breeze. His cell didn't have windows either. When he couldn't hear anyone else in the room with him, he climbed out of bed. That was another thing; he had always slept in a cot.

Through the closed door, he could hear voices. When he turned the knob, the door swung wide open. The people in the next room immediately went quiet. His eyes were drawn to the all too visible holsters on some of their waists. Panic settled in and he quickly backed away. Something was wrong; this wasn't the lab and those people were not his usual caretakers. Several of them stood up and started to approach him. The panic only deepened.

"Wait, just listen for a moment!"

"Someone just grab him for now."

He ran back, trying to put as much distance between him and them. But he was outnumbered and had never been much of a fighter.

"Please calm down, we won't hurt you."

Their holstered weapons still suggested otherwise. He moved toward the open window and glanced over the edge.

"Don't think about it, kid. We're three floors up," a blond-haired man warned before leaping forward.

He let his instinct and training take over. He took a deep breath before whispering, "Winged Guardian," and throwing himself out the window. After falling less than a few feet through the air, a large blue dragon shimmering into existence below. He scrambled to grasp onto the ridges along the dragon's back, dangling unsteadily for several moments. The realization that he was outside and that was the wind playing though his hair caused his whole body to tremble. The sight of the full moon overhead was almost enough to make him cry.

"Please get me away from here," he pleaded.

The dragon took flight over a long stone path and a forest of green. There were no other buildings in sight. He had no idea where they were going, but he didn't really care. He was free for the first time in a long time. But a sudden force sent him flying off the dragon's broad back. As he crashed into one of the trees below, he could see his Winged Guardian being intercepted by a skeleton dragon of some sort. His fall was broken several branches along the way and finally by a bed of flowers beneath him. He couldn't see either of the dragons through the canopy of green.

His captors appeared suddenly again; some of them with their weapons drawn. He mentally ran through the list of other summons he had at his disposal, but he hesitated to call more than one with the Winged Guardian already about. He tried to run in the other direction, but he was surrounded. They had managed to herd him into a trap.

"Summon-" he began to call on his powers again. He didn't want to hurt them, but he refused to go back to his cell.

"Wait, Yugi-kun, we're here to help you."

The sound of his given name made him pause.

A white-haired man stepped forward and offered him a gentle smile. "Yugi-kun, it's been many years. I hope you still remember your old roommate."

Yugi was first taken to the training facility many years ago with many others of Domino's summoner population. He was only there for a few months as his abilities quickly outpaced the others, leading to his transfer. Looking back, it was one of the better times before the world fell apart. It felt like an eternity ago.


His old friend nodded slowly, and Yugi broke into tears.

There will be police states, evil corporations, and general misery as necessitated in all punk fiction. It is, of course, still untitled.


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