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I know I'm behind on a bunch of writing, so to help myself concentrate I'm compiling a list of my plot bunnies. There's no guarantee I will write all/any of these, but I have tried to order them in how likely I am. This will be updated as I get more?


☆ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters ☆

☆ Harry Potter ☆

Star Power

Character/Pairing: Jounouchi/Kaiba, Kyoko/Ren?
Comedy, Romance
=A sequel to Joey= Mogami Kyoko never expected to be assigned as a temporary manager again so soon after Kuu. Jounouchi is back in Japan to guest star in a drama. Kaiba and Ren just spend most of the story glaring at each other. Crossover with Skip Beat. Preview

Untitled KaiJou

Jounouchi/Kaiba, mentions of past Jounouchi/Mai
Genre: Romance, Supernatural?
Summary: Five years after the Pharaoh Atem was laid to rest, the group have mostly moved on with their lives. Jounouchi is working a series of part-time and dead-end jobs. He becomes temporarily employed at Kaiba Corporation as Kaiba himself embarks on his next great project: Duel Academia. Preview

5200 Miles To Go

Character/Pairing: Jounouchi/Kaiba
Genre: Romance
Long distance relationships aren't the easiest thing in the world. While organizing a Duel Monsters charity tournament, Kaiba gets to spend a little more personal time with Jounouchi and see the life of a rising Hollywood star.


Genre: Romance
Summary: After two semesters of studying and partying abroad, Mokuba is forced to continue his studies at his home institution. Lucky for him, Rebecca happens to be the TA for one of his courses. Possibly a prequel to their relationship in Joey?


Time Travel Fic

Character/Pairing: Harry/Snape
Romance, Family, Future Fic
Summary: Harry is stuck with a dead man resurrected when Hermione brings Snape back through a means more like science fiction than magic. Snape heals slowly and must adjust to his unlikely freedom in a world that has considered him dead for the last 20 years. Preview

Fairy Wars

Adventure, Survival, Gen, AU
Summary: Voldemort's attempt to destroy Hogwarts castle has unexpected consequences on the Second War. Soldiers on both side are pulled into the realm of the Fae, where they must survive each other and the dangers of the realm to find their way home.


Star Power
The New Narita Airport was overflowing with travelers that Saturday morning. The temperature outside was 90 degrees and would continue climbing rapidly till noon, but the climate control indoors kept everything at a cool 65. Mogami Kyoko, armored with her pink Love Me jumpsuit, was waiting for her next assignment.
A slow trickle of people began exiting into the main terminal. She was just glad that unlike the last American visitor she had received, this was a much more quiet affair.
Kyoko jumped when someone spoke up next to her.
"They did say I would know as soon as I saw you."
The tension quickly bled from her when she recognized both a hint of playfulness and amusement. The speaker was a blond man in his late twenties/early thirties- it was hard to tell with actors sometimes. His shaggy blond hair was a shade darker than stupid Shoutaro's and she was glad for that little fact. The dog tags hanging low on his neck jingled as he reached up to remove his sunglasses, revealing a pair of light amber eyes.
Kyoko dropped into a deep bow. "Welcome to Japan, Katsuya-san."
Joey Katsuya, or Jounouchi Katsuya as he was named at birth, just laughed. "There's no need for that. I'm a really nice guy, promise I won't bite. What's your name?"
This was a vast improvement over her first meeting with Kuu. He spoke Japanese with no hint of an accent, and wasn't immediately horrified/shamed by her uniform.
"Kyoko," she replied.
He arched a golden eyebrow."That's it. Just Kyoko? Okay then, Kyoko-chan, please take good care of me! Let's get going then. I'm dying to lie down in an actual bed." He turned and started heading for the luggage carousels.
She scrambled to keep up with the man's longer stride. Joey Katsuya was somewhat of a spectacle and a mystery in the contemporary Japanese entertainment industry. He had somehow made it into Hollywood without first breaking out in his home country- a fact that many of her colleagues looked upon with both awe and suspicion. More than a few had mainly attributed his success to the work of his former manager, who was rumored to have a number of unsavory connections. But Kyoko liked to think she was a good judge of character and she saw nothing that set off any internal alarms or her little personal demons.
The blond whistled a cheerful tune as he watched the train of luggage go around and around. Soon he had pulled two rolling suitcases and a duffel bag off the carousel. Kyoko jumped forward and grabbed the baggage by the handle.
"Oh, I can take care of that. Those must be heavy." Jounouchi frowned.
"Don't underestimate me," Kyoko flexed her bicep. "It's going to take a lot more than this."
She certainly wasn't going to lose points over luggage again.
A sudden force ripped the luggage clean from her hands. "Hey!"
A tall man clad in a black suit and black sunglasses looked down at her with a grim expression. He looked like a secret agent or some other dark character that had stepped off the movie set. Kyoko unconsciously took a step back- her shoulders collided with the blond actor's chest. Jounouchi reached up to help steady her on her feet.
"Oh, Kira, what are you doing here?" Jounouchi asked.
"Seto-sama has assigned me as your driver for the next week. The car is waiting just outside for you and your guest." The imposing man spoke with a even more monotone voice.
"I told that bastard not to worry." The blond muttered foully under his breath.
Untitled KaiJou
Jounouchi was never going to understand how Kaiba continued to have enough money lying around to pull stunts like this. He would have gladly helped Kaiba spend some of that cash on more important things like his rent, groceries, bills, Shizuka's tuition...

Another waiter passed his left and offered a plate of hor devours. He grabbed one of the tiny sandwiches and tossed it into his mouth as he continued to examine the model display before him.

"So this is Kaiba's big project announcement." Honda said as he reappeared from the crowd.

Speaking of the bastard, Jounouchi hadn't seen Kaiba ever since the reception started. He had spotted Mokuba working the crowd several times, but no signs of the man himself.

"Jounouchi, I should have known you would be here as well."

His heart skipped a beat when he heard those words. "Mai..."

She looked even more beautiful than he last remembered. It must have been almost a year since they last spoke face to face. The clearing of a throat unfortunately drew his attention to the tuxedo-clad man next to her.

"Valon." He tried not to let the bitterness he felt bleed into his tone.

"Jounouchi," was the equally terse reply he received in response.

Honda immediately moved forward to greet the woman. "Mai, congratulations. I heard about your win in Hong Kong."

"Thank you, Honda." As she shook the hand that was offered to her, her gaze met Jounouchi's over the other man's should. "But will I finally be seeing you at this year's Regional tournament, Jounouchi?"

He forced a small smile and shook his head. "You should already know the answer to that, Mai."

It was why she left him.

"Valon and I are going to be in Japan until it's time for the regional tournament, you can look me up anytime until then." She took Valon's hand and vanished back into the crowd.

Honda gave him a sympathetic glance and patted Jounouchi lightly on the shoulder. He quickly shrugged his best friend's hand off, muttering about how he was fine. The lights dimmed and Jounouchi had never been more relieved to see Kaiba. A spotlight shone onto the tall brunette and the crowd instantly became silent. Jounouchi couldn't help but admire the finely tailored tuxedo the CEO was wearing. Here he was with Honda's old hand-me-down.

Kaiba had always been one to get straight to the heart of a matter. Another spotlight fell on the model display Jounouchi had been looking at just moments ago. "Kaiba Corporation is proud to announce that our next great venture. Duel Academia will be breaking ground and beginning construction next month."

Applause filled the room, and the collective shutter of the invited press' cameras followed.
Harry Potter Time Travel Fic
When Harry returned to his empty house, he hadn't expected to find Hermione screaming from his Floo.

"Where have you been?" Her hair was wilder than usual.

"I was visiting Teddy." Harry quickly placed his broom by his front door before moving to the fireplace.

"Just come through! Quickly! And bring your bezoars!" Her head vanished from the Floo.

"What about yours?"

"I used them all!" A disembodied voice called from the other end. "Now, Harry!"

"Accio bezoars." The jar came flying down the stairs.

This wasn't the sort of social call he had been hoping from his friend after not seeing her in the last month. He sucked in a deep breath before stepping into the green flames.
It was still better than traveling by Portkey.

Harry coughed and began to dust off his robes. "So is this how you greet your best friend-" With his best roguish grin, he turned his attention to the woman rushing around and felt his blood drain from his face. He drank in the sight of the large gilded contraption still spinning on her work table and the scent of magic still heavy in the air.

The jar slipped slowly from his numb hands. His mind didn't register Hermione diving to catch the jar before it hit the floor and shatter. He was too busy staring at the bleeding body lying on the floor of her work room.

"What in Merlin's name have you done?"

"Please help, Harry. He's dying." Hermione pleaded.

Harry wanted to laugh. Last he checked, Severus Snape had been dead for the last 21 years.

But he couldn't.

Thoughts? Flames?

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