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Jul. 28th, 2006 10:28 am
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Dear dickweed,

That sounds like complaining to me.  Maybe I should just take my time editing from now on.  After all, I get the scripts and the raws, and thus am in no hurry to get a final subbed version.

No love,

PS Anime's not so great to begin with anyway...  And believe me, episode 12 is just the first part of boring "original" filler arc.



You just keep making clone!Syaoran creepier and creepier each chapter.  There was just something disturbing about the way Syaoran grabbed Sakura this latest chapter.  Umm...  Go real!Syaoran? 


PS w00t!  Subaru!

So life...

Jul. 10th, 2006 06:26 pm
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The summer has been uneventful for the most part. I work, for the most part, except when there are periods of downtime. Which would be now. I'm just playing WoW now. Personal life going okay, but there are probably a few things I should work on. All in good time.

So after most of the group members went on their mini-vacation, we're getting back to releasing those Tsubasa subs. (Oh the pressure of being the only group releasing it... or not...) Episode 11 was awesome (our translator decided to translate that before 11 but it won't be released before 10). There is nothing like Kaijura Yuki's music in the background for a fight between giant chibis (yes, I know that's an oxymoron). So look forward to episode 11!

On the other side of the slightly more professional life, the members of Big Straw that are still in Pittsburgh this summer has been commissioned to make a staff magazine/booklet/pamplet for the people at Ambient Intelligence Lab. It looks like we're going to have to rush the publication to get it done in time before school starts, since we'll be busy handling actual BS business then. It's a great opportunity for fund-raising. He has the money to sponsor our publication almost completely and saves us all the hassle of in-school fund-raising (such as last minute cookoffs and weird selling gimicks at Night Market). Not only is he willing to pay completely for his publication and printing costs, he's willing to cover our printing costs during the year as well as sponsor any of our computer/software needs. Margaret is drooling over the thought of getting Dreamweaver already, lol. So I really hope we can pull this through, especially since there's only four of us here (assuming Dave B. is even interested in working on this) and poor Margaret will get a lot of the work as the design head.

I think I'm going to stop translating for EoP after I finish this chapter of G-Defend. I just don't have the perseverence to stick with this gig. :\

As for web design, I'm finishing up on BS's website and [ profile] dm_san wants me to code another layout for False Memories.

And it appears that I am most likely going to Otakon in August (assuming I work out all those pesky details and spring for my part of the monetary contribution). Anyone else going?

[ profile] dm_san, come visit me in the Pitt! xD *glomp* I have the room to accomodate visitors since my roommate dropped out of the second summer session and I now have the room to myself. And along that line, I might go back to NYC for a week at the end of August.

PS Why does this song talk about sweeping floors?
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*insert incoherent rambling*

But Fai LIVES! For now... And cannibalistic!Syaoran... Eww... And the useless hime is missing...

Makes me want to write omg!angsty fics on the knife's edge of disturbing. Except nothing can trumph what CLAMP's done at this point... And I thought Bakura and Malik in YGO were fucking crazy.


Jun. 21st, 2006 03:10 pm
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Dear CLAMP...

I really am fond of your work. Honestly. Even if some of your most fascinating ones somehow always end up on perpetual hiatus. But seriously, WTF is up with your eye fetish?!?!?! OMG! WHAT DID YOU DO TO FAY ?!?!?!

Stunned by your latest Tsubasa chapter,

PS You need to explain the situation with the two Syaorans better. I'm still confused as to which is actually the evil/soulless one.

*goes to skim new xxxHolic chapter that will be no doubt tame in comparison*


May. 10th, 2006 06:00 pm
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Spoilers for Tsubasa chapter 115 )
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So my long-awaited package from arrived today with my copy of Forbidden City Cop (Stephen Chow rules!) and volume 10 of The Exhibition of CLAMP's Worlds 1989-2004 (featuring xxxHOLIC and Legal Drug).

It comes with a white Mokona pawn, a Yuuko black queen, and a Fai black bishop collector's chess pieces.  I'm now itching to collect the rest of the pieces...  ^^;;;  I ordered the official Chinese licensed version instead, since I can't read a lick of Japanese (ok, maybe a lick but that's not going to do much for me).  Omg, the pretty pictures from both xxxHOLIC and Legal Drug.  There are also interviews with CLAMP, which I may sit down and translate later.  At the end, there's this cute little story about the two Mokonas- now that they're separated and with two different groups of people.  Ever wonder if the two still talk to each other?

I think this is a story from that series of children stories based around the two Mokonas written by Ageha Ohkawa (of CLAMP).  I've included the original Chinese from the magazine along with the translation under each line.  Please excuse any awkward phrasings in English.  The Chinese don't like using pronouns that much more than the Japanese... Note, requires some passing knowledge of both Tsubasa and xxxHOLIC to understand the Mokonas' discussion.

《若能在夢中相逢》(To Be Able to Meet Each Other Within Dreams) )
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