Sep. 30th, 2010

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At first, I was going to write this teal deer post about why the show Axis Powers Hetalia makes me uncomfortable and why I couldn't get past the first ten episodes or so. Then I realized, no one cares! xD

I would like to get the next chapter of Joey out this week, but I doubt it'll happen. Actually, I just checked and saw I had nearly 5000 words written. Unlike previous chapters, I don't have a hard point where I know I want to end so I may just dump this once it hits about 8000 words. I'll work on getting it out this weekend as long as I can wrestle the character relations into appropriate shape.

Mike and I will be heading to the New York Anime Fest/Comic Con next weekend. This naturally means I'm definitely not going to get any writing done then. Buying the weekend pass for either one gets you into the other, so it's a pretty sweet deal. I'm looking forward to eating yummy Asian food and awesome shopping again. I don't suppose anyone else is also going?

ETA Just saw the TF2 update. Hurray for the Polycount update! But man is the fanbase still going to rage over the added ability to buy the items with real world cash. If I can get the brain slug hat for less than $1, I am so there! ETA2 TF2 is also 50% off right now if anyone is interested.


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