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Dear Rare Pairs Creator,

General likes:
  • For canons that have closed, I especially love fics looking at the characters in the aftermath, basically future!fics
  • PWPs (for characters aged 17 or older, including future-fics when they have aged) are great for this exchange if you are inclined to write them
  • AUs are awesome though; interesting AUs will send me to the moon
  • Happy endings are a plus, bittersweet endings are equally rewarding with the right buildup
  • Generally not a fan of breakups, but I love the trope where couples/friends separate and then reconcile years later after some personal growth
  • Established relationship fics
  • Shippy-tinted gen fics
Dislikes/squicks: character bashing, character death, unhappy endings, self-harm, torture/mutilation, scat, watersports, non-con/rape, abusive relationships, mpreg, omegaverse, excessive angst that doesn't resolve

Other things you may or may not find helpful.
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Bob's Burgers
Louise Belcher/Logan Bush: Haha, I just love the way they bicker and nettle at each other. The way that they egg each other on is my favorite thing. Would especially love fic of them older when Louise is a teenager, but the stupid, first not-so-puppy-love of their youth would also be great.

Gundam Build Fighters
Mihoshi/Ricardo Fellini: Mihoshi/Kirara takes none of Fellini's macho shit, whether it's his pickup lines or him "trying to protect her" in that last battle. It'd be interesting to see how he convinces her of his seriousness/commitment when her star is on the rise. Maybe they wouldn't work in a long-term relationship, but can still remain close confidants after the fact.

Nils Nielsen/Yajima Caroline: The anime gives a rather one-sided view of their relationship as Caroline is shown as the main person advancing their relationship. Nils marries into her family and takes her name in GBF Try, so he has feelings for her in return. Fics about how they came to a more balanced relationship and what endears her to him would be fabulous.

Aila Jyrkiäinen/Aria von Reiji Asuna: As China said, they're surprisingly alike. But Reiji has more confidence in himself and others than Aila does. Whether it's at the tournament or on Arian, Reiji provides her with a safe environment to be true to herself. After meeting Reiji, we watched Aila grow more self-assured over the course of the series. Post-canon Arian fics would be great, or maybe AUs where they manage to make it back to earth.

Allan Adams/Yuuki Tatsuya: I WOULD LOVE MORE DORKY GUNPLA DOMESTICS FOR THESE TWO! Things I love about these two: how over-the-top Yuuki gets in Meijin-mode and how Allan humors/encourages him; the quiet moments between Tatsuya and Allan; their dedication to their craft and each other. I'm especially curious about the hypothetical of how they handled PPSE's corporate collapse after the end of the first series.

The Mummy Returns
Evy Carnahan O'Connell/Rick O'Connell: I adore Rick and Evy's romance, and the movie's general sense of humor and adventure. Give me all the high adventure and silly domestics you can come up with! As for a prompt, maybe how they have to deal with supernatural things in England and how that compares to what they dealt with in Egypt.

Yu-Gi-Oh! DM
General notes: I am familiar with both the anime and manga. I am more partial to the original Japanese version as that is what most of my character interpretations are built upon. But I am also familiar with the dub until about Battle City, before the blimp part.

Rebecca Hopkins/Kaiba Mokuba | Rebecca Hawkins/Mokuba Kaiba
: I ship this because they're two headstrong brats with more brains than common sense (or even manners). Beyond shipping, they're similar in age and kinda on the periphery of the main events. At the very least, I'd see them easily becoming fast friends and talking shit about the "adults" in their lives.

Yami Bakura/Yami Yuugi: Personally, this pairing works best for me in an AU setting, but an in-canon redemption type of situation would also be amazing. They have a lot of history with each other. Sure, it's steeped in animosity. But in the end, I don't think either of them could really throw away the other as easily as they'd claim.

Jounouchi Katsuya/Kaiba Seto/Kujaku Mai: If you are inclined to, PWPs for this threesome would be amazeballs. Beyond the aesthetics, this is an interesting threesome because of the pull-and-give between all three characters. They're all equally strong-willed and stubborn. What would their settled equilibrium look like?

Bakura Ryou/Mutou Yuugi: Perfect gaming babes. I was always saddened that we didn't get to see them hang out together more. Their interests align so well, and they both have a lot to offer each other in terms of emotional support (especially after the events of the anime/manga). I just want to see them playing games and being cute (boy)friends. 

Bakura Ryou/Malik Ishtar: Of all the ones that hosted a "yami," these two probably had the most similar experiences. Neither of them had much control or agency in the way that Yuugi did. I can see them eventually bonding or finding some commonality because of that. They might even seek each other out because they both know that Yuugi has no way of understanding what they went through. Guess there's a reason this pairing is called "angstshipping."

Bakura Ryou/Honda Hiroto | Ryou Bakura/Tristan Taylor: Ryou makes a dirty multi-shipper. Most of my feelings about these two stem from their adventures together during Duelist Kingdom. Sadly, they don't get any more interaction afterwards as Honda's attention shift to Shizuka and Ryou disappears from the plot (poof). Fics exploring their continued interaction through later arcs would be great. There is supposed to be some downtime between all the instances of dueling and saving the world. ~_^

Mazaki Anzu/Mutou Yuugi | Tea Gardner/Yuugi Mutou: They've stood by each other's side through thick and thin. For a long time, Anzu was a source of stability in Yuugi's life. It became more even through the course of Yuugi's growth. I just think they're the cutest couple, and I'm here all for the fluff.

Jounouchi Katsuya/Kujaku Mai | Mai Valentine/Joey Wheeler: Jounouchi and Mai have connected on a deep level, probably because they recognize bits of themselves in each other. Mai is who Jounouchi could become if he hadn't met and became friends with Yuugi. On some level, I think she resents the fact that he could be both strong and not alone. I have a lot of complicated feelings about these two that I find hard to disentangle. This would be a great couple for reconciliation fic.

Thank you for reading!


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