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So now that Life Eternal is finally finished, I will "celebrate" with a poll! If you have read Life Eternal, I would really love it if I could get the following feedback from you. Loves and kisses!

[Poll #566855]

Damn not being able to edit polls. I would love it if you could detail the reasons why you felt and how those features were weak/needed improvement. There's a reason that list of weaknesses is longer than the list of strengths, I'm here to learn.

None of this means there will definitely be a sequel. I want to see if there is any interest for one and I feel Life Eternal can stand well enough on its own. But it doesn't mean there's no possibility of a sequel either. So make your voice be heard!

on 2005-09-09 01:47 am (UTC)
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First off, you know I love this story, so this is just my humble opinion. One of my weaknesses probably is that I go overboard in descriptions. I have not yet learned the economy of writing in fewer words. So read the below with that in mind m'dear.

I wanted to add comments on why I selected the below as weaknesses.

Dialog, Style and/or mood, Voice and/or point of view

I put these down only because I would have liked to have seen more dialog. I think that the mood you had going on with the vampire and his affect on Harry could have been expanded. Like the darkness in the house etc. I would have loved more of a glimpse into Snape's mind about how he felt about Harry and how he was changing towards him. You covered it, but I just would have liked more.

So, you see, these are not true negatives, just my paltry attempt to drag out your lovely story longer for my own selfish purposes, lol.

on 2005-09-10 12:47 am (UTC)
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I agree with everything inzilbeth said. I may be biased, since all my stories are character driven, but I also feel that Severus and Harry's progression into a relationship could have been expanded on. Along with more info on the vampire. And I didn't understand Draco being in the story as he was a pretty static character that didn't seem to move the plot along. It looked like he was added as an afterthought.

It would be really nice to see a sequel. I could care less on the other's relationships, but to see a progression of Severus and Harry's relationship would be excellent, especially when this story ended on such a hopeful note. I personally think 'dolt' is an affectionate term ^_^

on 2005-09-11 06:20 pm (UTC)
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I liked the references to Dracula. Even Buffy worked the Big D into one of the season openers.

on 2005-09-16 07:00 pm (UTC)
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On the weakness question, there were a few nit-picky spelling errors and typos, but not enough to seriously detract from the reading.

And for the sequel, how about the rebuilding of the north tower now that it's been cleared of the major unsavory presence? And what other sorts of things may have taken up residence as well?

Hope this helps!

on 2007-04-23 04:36 am (UTC)
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I just wanted to let you know that I read your story and enjoyed it. I have to admit I was a little confused in the first few chapters by your introduction of Snape's family, and I think it's because you were trying really hard to keep us unsure of his relationship to them. But then again, I have a thing about OCs and not really liking them so don't take my comments to heart too much.
I liked the very slow development of Snape and Harry's relationship, how all they did was snark at each other forever, like I imagine they would in canon if Snape weren't in a position of power and Harry could actually say everything he wants instead of needed to censor himself. I think it would have been unrealistic to move things on more quickly.
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