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I'm kinda stupidly excited for tonight's Smallville series finale. It's going to be terrible. They're going to stuff as many bit parts/cameos as possible (I would lol like hell if Michael Shanks comes back as Hawkman again, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN SMALLVILLE!). Nothing with Darkseid will make sense, much less canon sense. And I hope evil!Lex fucks Clark up good (...not like that...).

Not to mention, Comics Alliance is going to be liveblogging the episode!

ETA WHY HAS NOTHING HAPPENED A QUARTER OF THE WAY THROUGH? I can't take much more of this Lois and Clark angst. Lois, you're Lois fucking Lane. You deserve better than imposter!Clark!

ETA 2 I know you're superhuman and all, Clark, but seeing and conversing with your dead father can't be healthy.

ETA 3 This would have actually been kinda compelling if they had compressed the first hour's events into about 20 minutes instead. I still don't understand their need to reinterpret the Superman mythos in cosmic terms (i.e., prophecies, light and darkness, balance).

ETA 4 I TAKE IT BACK! I TAKE IT BACK! No amount of editing could change the sheer fail of this script!

ETA 5 It's over! BRB LOLING 4EVER!
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