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So is anyone else getting random error messages on They just seem to be hitting stories and then chapters of stories randomly. Refreshing doesn't work and gives the same error message.

Has the Pit finally imploded?

So I think it's been almost three weeks since my last update. Man, I was doing so well at first. I even managed updates every week for a whole month (what was a major achievement for a delinquent writer like myself). Ugh, who knew it was actually going to get harder to write after the climax?

So I think I've figured out what's holding me up and it's perhaps just a general defect in my writing. I suck at character resolutions! A lot of my fics seem to be based around tension and its buildup. That seems to be what I'm comfortable with writing. But now that I've finally removed/resolved away the antagonist (for lack of a better term), I now have to address the huge elephant in the room of the two actually attempting a relationship. Suddenly, nothing I write for the two of them is good enough. Jounouchi is not reacting right or Kaiba is being just a little too nice. I'll just keep working on it...

I think I'll spam some photos of my cats later.
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