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Title: Of Disc Jockey Monks and Voice Acting Monkeys
Author: [ profile] alecto_chan
Pairing: SanzoxGoku
Fandom: Saiyuki
Theme: #14 radio-cassette player
Disclaimer: Saiyuki is the intellectual property of Kazuya Minekura, and is being used in this fanfiction for fan purposes only. All situations, opinions and characters not belonging to Kazuya Minekura are the intellectual property of Alecto.
Note: AU/reincarnation, crossposted in [ profile] 30_kisses.

Soundfile #1 – Radio-cassette player (#14)

Goku found the cassette player completely by accident. It was only after that discovery that he realized Sanzo didn't own any CDs. Goku turned the old device over and over again in his hand. It looked positively ancient and could have been one of those classic Sony Walkmans, but the brand name had been rubbed off the off-black surface a long time ago.

Sanzo would have yelled at him and then tried to smack him over the head for going through the blonde's drawer. But Sanzo wasn't here. He was still on shift at the radio station. Besides, they had been living together for about three months now. Sanzo couldn't honestly expect Goku to keep his hands to himself- in more ways than one...

Flipping open the panel in the back, he found there were still batteries. He looked over at the alarm clock on the nightstand beside their bed, it was five minutes to midnight. He normally listened to Sanzo's program on his laptop via the simultaneous webcast, but the machine was sitting on the desk all across the room and he didn't feel like moving from the bed. He dug deeper into the bottom drawer of the nightstand- a surprisingly unorganized one filled with various odds and ends- and emerged victorious with a pair of earbuds.

He found the socket for the earbuds easily enough, but it too him a few minutes to figure out how to turn on the anarchic device, much less find his station. He just caught the end of the melody that heralded the start of Sanzo's midnight segment.

Goku snuggled deeper into the covers and was reaching for his stuffed monkey when his boyfriend's voice rang in his ears.

“My producer has suggested a shift in tonight's discussion in deference of our female audience.” Said Sanzo dryly.

Goku chortled to himself and settled the stuffed animal against his chest. Sanzo's legions of fangirls/women were a constant source of aggravation and harassment for the older man. After all, Sanzo was said to be one of the few faces in the business to be too good for radio. Goku never could understand why girls were so attached to the blonde’s callous manners. Even he found his boyfriend to be an absolute bastard most of the time.

“She has also suggested that I quit smoking, so we all know how much her opinions count for.”

That was one issue that Goku agreed upon very much with Sanzo's producer. It wasn't good for someone that made a living based on their voice to smoke as much as his boyfriend did. Yet at the same time, Goku found that gravelly voice both sexy and irresistible.

“I was also then informed that if I did not comply, I would be out of a job. I'm still going to do this my own way, you old hag.” Sanzo grumbled, sounding every bit like a sullen child.

“Of course,” interrupted one smug Bosatsu Kanon.

Sanzo didn’t bother to acknowledge her and kept moving right along. “Our topic tonight is 'relationships'.”

Goku perked up at the words.

“Relationships are tiresome and troublesome,” Sanzo began and Goku tried to swallow the lump developing in his throat. “Sometimes you're not even compatible with each other. Your personalities are nothing alike, you don't like any of the same things, and even your work schedules are so out of sync that by the time one gets home, the other is already asleep, and the only time you can spend together are those scant few hours you spend asleep next to each other.”

Goku hugged the monkey closer to his chest, an inexplicable sense dread filling his heart.

His boyfriend continued, “Why are you even together at that point? Your significant other then becomes annoying, demanding more of your time and affections. It’s not a matter what either one of you wants anymore. It’s a matter of what either of you can get. Why are you still together then?”

He sat up in bed, staring at the dark blue sheets. Goku had wanted a deep royal purple because it reminded him of Sanzo’s eyes, but the older man wouldn’t have it. He clutched the stuffed animal, a souvenir from their first real date, tight against his chest. He blinked back the tears suddenly swarming his eyes. Was his boyfriend trying to break up with him over his radio show of all things?

“Let’s take a caller. You’re on.” Sanzo sounded bored.

“Hi, this is Kimiko from Juuban.”

“Don’t you have school tomorrow?”

Silence and then came a hesitant, “No…”

Sanzo grunted. “Che. Spit it out then.”

“I think that’s a really bleak view to have. No wonder people say romance is dead.”

Goku frowned, momentarily forgetting his own dilemma. The caller was of the more annoying of Sanzo’s fangirls, the ones that thought they had learned all there was to learn about life at the age of sixteen and were obligated to share their sage wisdom with anyone that would listen.

She continued, her voice floating off on a dream-filled cloud. “I think relationships are a beautiful thing. There’s no greater feeling than when you first fall in love. There’s no one more perfect and more handsome than your boyfriend at that time. Everything he does is perfect, and every kiss and hug you share is perfect too. You feel as if you can do anything.”

Sanzo snorted and declared confidently, “That’s not love. That’s infatuation, that’s blindness, and above all, that’s stupidity. No one is perfect. Being in love with a person doesn’t make them any more perfect than before. He still snores just as loudly as he did before. He still sleep talks about xiaolong baos and kicks around in his sleep like he’s fighting a demon. When he kisses you, he likes to lick at your lips like you were a piece of candy and you hate it when he does that, but you endure it for him. And there is nothing more annoying in the world than the sound of his voice whining for your attention, yet you adore the little throaty noises he makes when you have him tied to a bedpost.”

Goku blinked back new tears of a different kind. Sanzo was talking about him- talking about him on public radio. Part of him was both embarrassed and aroused by Sanzo’s mention of their bedroom activities. But more than anything, he wished his boyfriend was home in bed with him.

The blonde didn’t stop and continued to rant. Goku knew it was partly ranting. “You listen to him whine about how little you see each other nowadays, when you yourself know better than anyone how he gives up a few hours of his beloved sleep just to catch you when you come home but ends up falling asleep from exhaustion before you even return. On top of that, you know his voice cracks if he doesn't get enough sleep and he almost always has early morning recording sessions. You let him move into your apartment; despite the fact he’s probably going to either burn down your kitchen or snoop through all your private belongings when he thinks you’re not looking.”

Goku flushed red at the last statement.

“You’ll never tell him, but you'll begin to miss the sound of his voice, whining and all, and his kisses, licks and all. You’ll think about how unfair it is that he can at least listen to your voice over the radio. You’ll consider quitting your thankless job with a bitch of a supervisor-”

Kanon cut in. “I heard that.”

“No, you’ll want to quit your shitty job chatting down brainless schoolgirls and all sorts of other weird fucks still up at the dead of the night, so you can spend more than a few hours with him. You’ll want to do all of that even though that means moving to an even smaller apartment, or heaven forbid, swallowing your pride and letting him support both of you for a bit. And you’ll do it all for a scatterbrained monkey and a good night kiss where you're both awake.”

The caller had fallen silent, either from shock or a new understanding. Sanzo was infamous for his ability to knock his callers down a few pegs- it was one of the reasons his audience didn’t consist completely of females- but never before like this. The more Goku thought about it, he wasn't sure why the station was willing to give Sanzo his own program.

Sanzo cleared his throat before he spoke again, “Let's take a break for a word from our delightful sponsors.”

Goku fell back on the bed and curled up against his pillow and the monkey. He wished his boyfriend was capable of saying all those things to him, but then again, Sanzo knew Goku always caught at least the first half-hour of his program. Sanzo would have never said all those things unless he was absolutely sure Goku would hear it. He sighed. Sanzo was always going at things in that roundabout way.

“Jerk.” He muttered softly to no one in particular.

Goku loosened his grip around the cassette player or else he was going break it. Staring at the little black box, an idea came to him. With a silly wide grin on his face, he gave himself a mental pat on the shoulder and planted a kiss on the player. Sanzo was about to get his wish. Tomorrow, he would buy a cassette tape recorder- if they weren't already extinct.
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