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Eight years and 100,000 words later, Joey is finally complete?

I first started Joey back in 2003, when I was still in high school. Its genesis is pretty obvious in the story's basic premise: Jounouchi runs away. No doubt there was some amount of displacement from my own desires to escape my parents' control.

I stopped writing fanfiction in 2005 for what I thought was good. I was in a bad place in my college career and felt generally disconnected from people. The creative writing class that I took that semester that I loathed didn't help either. Instead, it just turned into a five-year long hiatus. It took me that long to figure out that it was okay that I wasn't a fabulous writer- just as long as I tried my best and enjoyed the process. It helps that I'm in an emotionally and psychologically better place over the last two years. Like anyone, I'd like to think I've grown wiser than I used to be.

With that said, I think Joey would have been a much different story if it had been completed beforehand. I think I may still go back and revise some of the earlier parts. The initial running away premise seems silly now.

What's next? I'm not quite sure. I think I may continue writing.
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♥ Perhaps this afternoon I can sneak some reading in, since Andy is home and can entertain the child.

I feel like I should say something, like, really important/interesting, but all I've got is wooooo~.
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ah, yeah, I know how good finally getting a monster tamed can be.

I'll make a note to go over and R&R those last few chapters. ~ I think some happy ending (there's a happy ending, right?) is what I need today.
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yeah, not to mention the angst in the actual fanfics, eh? :p