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In the news today, 4Kids gets sued for being asshats and not upholding their contract with TV Tokyo. Oh, they also lose their licensing/dubbing deal for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Maybe now we can have a more competent company re-license it and FINALLY get a subbed version on DVD?

And completely not related, but made me lol hard.

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So I just pre-ordered Portal 2 as a two-pack off Steam. One is going to Mike because buying the two-pack got us the 20% as opposed to 10% discount.

That also means I have two extra copies of the original Portal, which were given as pre-order bonuses.

First two people to comment and give me their email address, I will send them each a digital copy of the game.

A few things you should keep in mind if you want Portal. You will need to install Valve's official software, Steam, and register an account with them. If you already have Steam, you can hit me with your account name instead, and I will add you and send the game to that account.

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I wonder if posting snippets of what I'm working on will help me focus more on writing. It's sad that when I've run out of intrinsic motivation, I need shots of extrinsic ones to keep going.

From chapter 3 of Looking Back in Retrospective (OMG, need title change so bad!) )

There's something aggravating about trying to write historical fiction, especially Ancient Egyptian. The names by which we commonly know the gods of the Egyptian religion are largely Greek/Roman adaptations. While I am mostly okay with using the more common names for the gods, I seem to have trouble doing the same with names of cities and other locations (see Waset -> Thebes -> Luxor).
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One of my guilty pleasures is watching Smallville and reveling in what a terrible adaptation of the Superman mythos it is. I'm not even going to start on the acting, writing, or dialogue here.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The tenth and final season, Clark has still yet to adopt the Superman costume even though the S shield emblem has been shown many times before. Hell, we even have a Supergirl before a Superman. All we get is his Thriller jacket.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Darkseid as la the smoke monster from Lost will be epic, or at the very least epically bad!

More gif spam below the cut because I think Smallville gifs are the funniest thing evar! )
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Yeah, I'm probably not going to make much progress in writing any time soon. First, Radiant Historia ate up most of my time over the last week and a half (and I'm almost at the end). I just grabbed Pokemon Black today (because why not?!). And Okamiden will also be dropping soon, which I have pre-ordered directly from Capcom for the plushie bonus.

Why you such a time sink, NDS?

Now what starter Pokemon should I pick...
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Not gonna lie, I totally pretend-played as the Yellow Ranger when I was a kid.
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Letters to An Absent Father (a Pokemon fancomic) is one of the sadder things I've read online today.

I've also been writing some new bits for Looking Back. I still want to restructure what has already been posted and maybe remove some plot elements previous introduced, but I think I'm gonna try and work on this one for real!

At least I will if I don't keep getting sidetracked by obsessing over things like the possible anachronism of wooden barrels in ancient Egypt for 30 minutes straight. Neurotic much, self?
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It seems the internet is trying to send a pretty strong message that we should all watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magical.

In fact, my SO has been trying to convince me to watch it with him since last week.

I do love a good magical girl pony show...
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In remembrance of Dwayne McDuffie, I wrote a brief list of some of my five favorite episodes of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. Three of the episodes listed below are written by the man himself.

Much of the DC Animated Universe is attributed to Paul Dini or Bruce Timm, but Dwayne McDuffie's contribution helped to build that world beyond just Batman or Superman. I can say with absolute confidence that the only reason that I and my boyfriend buy/read American comics is to search for hints of those great characters we were given in Justice League.

His work to promote diversity and multiculturalism, while fighting tokenism and stereotypes, made him a leader in the industry.  He gave us Static Shock! He will be sorely missed. It remains to be seen if there's anyone in the industry today that could step up and fill his enormous shoes.

RIP, Mr. McDuffie.

Links round-up:
Remembering Dwayne McDuffie
On My Conversations with Dwayne McDuffie
Missing Dwayne McDuffie
Dwayne McDuffie Tributes on [community profile] scans_daily 

Cut for length )


Jan. 31st, 2011 08:00 pm
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I am admittedly suffering from a bout of mostly writing-related anxiety.It's a vicious cycle of being anxious over not producing anything, which makes me unable to produce, and then continue to beat myself up about not writing. After coming off from the high of finally finishing Joey, I'm kind of lost. Joey was easy to finish because I had the overall picture of where it was going and how I wanted it to end. All my other plot bunnies and WIPs are currently in a much more nebulous state. But the overall anxiety level is so bad that I am resisting even working on the simplest of drabbles (and playing hours of Dragon Quest IX instead).

I'm learning toward working on Looking Back in Retrospective. But honestly? As it stands, the flimsy premise needs some overhaul, fine tuning, and a lot less lazy narrative and storytelling device. And I haven't even begun to tackle the huge pile of research I need to do to justify writing an ancient Egyptian setting to myself. I also don't have a concrete enough plan/timeline and am just wasting myself away being anxious about not having one.

I'm tempted to go work on a follow-up to Life Eternal instead. I am continually surprised to find people still periodically read/discover it.

I need to snap out of it.
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Mutou Manami was seven when her father vanished. )

Now I can go back to trying to work on the epilogue and the first story in 5200 Miles To Go.


Jan. 4th, 2011 07:33 pm
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Eight years and 100,000 words later, Joey is finally complete?

Some thoughts in retrospect )
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Seto’s Pure Heart!? Jounouchi To The Rescue
By Alecto Perdita
Originally written for the [ profile] ygodrabble Secret Santa Exchange
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kaiba/Jounouchi if you squint

Summary: Kaiba is in Tokyo to receive an award. Unfortunately, he meets up with Jounouchi and some of the city's more interesting residents along the way... Yu-Gi-Oh! (Post-Series)/Sailor Moon (S season) crossover.

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh is the intellectual property of Takahashi Kazuki, and Sailor Moon is the intellectual property of Takeuchi Naoko. Both are being used in this fanfiction for fan purposes only. All situations, opinions and characters not belonging to them are the intellectual property of Alecto Perdita.

Kaiba gets attacked by a daemon? )
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I know I'm behind on a bunch of writing, so to help myself concentrate I'm compiling a list of my plot bunnies. There's no guarantee I will write all/any of these, but I have tried to order them in how likely I am. This will be updated as I get more?


☆ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters ☆

☆ Harry Potter ☆

Take a peek under the cut )

List Monday

Dec. 6th, 2010 03:46 pm
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Things that make me happy today:
+ My headphones are so nicely padded, they double as earmuffs in the winter
+ The thought of days off soon
+ Batman, The Brave and the Bold cartoons; namely, the Birds of Prey and Alfred Pennyworth writes real person fanfic (incidentally, fuck yeah, the Question!)
+ I got to ban someone from experiments because he got three strikes for not showing up to anything he signed up for today
+ The fact I finally got TF2 to properly save my config so I can map "talk" to a 4th mouse button, and select raw mouse input

Things that make me unhappy today:
- Snow
- The cold
- The ice (you get the idea...)
- People not showing up for their scheduled appointments
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Still don't know if I'm actually going to sign up. There are only so many fandoms I am comfortable writing in...


Nov. 11th, 2010 01:32 pm
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It's been a pretty crappy week so far...

Cut for possible TMI about doctor visits )

As for fandom stuff, I'm slowly working on the last chapter of Joey...

[ profile] yuletide has released their full lists of eligible fandoms for this year. Much to my disappointment, they did trim YGO from the list after review. But at least I remember my shoujo/magical girl shows from the 90s. I do have to groan that Hetalia made the list though. As if you couldn't already go anywhere in anime fandom without tripping over a pile of Hetalia stuff... Ha! Hetalia was pruned. :P

If anyone is thinking of participating in yuletide this year, you do need an account with A3O to sign up and participate. The yuletide admins will be handing out the invites for the archive, so email them soonish if you don't want to end up at the end of the list.

[ profile] ygodrabble is doing a Secret Santa drabble exchange. I'm definitely going to participate in that; just need to get my application in.

And there's the new round of [ profile] kj_roundrobin that'll start soonish? I feel kind of selfish because I want to wait to see what the chosen bunny is before I decide to participate. Please don't hate me, [ profile] darkmus! Two or three of the ones listed interest me, but others; I don't think I would do so well with.
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So I've been pretty inactive over the last month or so. Things I have managed to accomplish would be some house cleaning (so overdue!) and the second to last chapter of Joey. I'm so excited to be almost done! The story only took 7 years to complete!

In lieu of NaNoWriMo (which I haven't done in several years anyway), I'm holding out for [ profile] yuletide sign-ups. Because of a change in their criteria threshold, it looks like Yu-Gi-Oh may be one of the YT'able fandoms this year. And that makes me happy! xD
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Why did I get Clinique Bonus Time at Macy's last weekend?! The online bonus goodies this week are even better! Damn you, Clinique! You do this every time!

Excuse me while I go spoil myself with more moisturizers/new tube of foundation.

And it's Kaiba's birthday today. I should try and get that next chapter up today, or at least a fluffy drabble.
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