Oct. 17th, 2037

alectoperdita: (Group Shot)
☆ Gundam Build Fighters ☆
☆ Harry Potter ☆
☆ Saiyuki ☆
☆ Sherlock ☆
☆ Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters ☆
☆ Crossovers ☆

Gundam Build Fighters
Ascendant in Aries )
too many to count )


Harry Potter
Life Eternal )
The Senses Series ☆
A series of five vignettes centering around Harry and Snape's developing relationship through each semester of Harry's Sixth and Seventh year.

Touch )

Sight )

Smell )

Taste )

Hearing )


Attachments )
Will to Live )
Of Disc Jockey Monks and Voice Acting Monkeys )


Too narrow a space to live Series ☆
Sherlock BBC (minor crossover with Supernatural)
A post-Reichenbach story universe where John became a hunter during Sherlock's time away- while partnered with Mary Morstan, his mentor and a woman born into a long line of hunters. Things get a bit tricky when Sherlock finally returns two and a half years later. How in the world is John supposed to explain all this?
Necessary Faith (Sherlock/Supernatural) )

Burden of Proof (Sherlock/Supernatural) )
As near as the sky )
Confirmation Bias )
Dress Code )
It always sounds better on paper )


Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters
Argumentum ex silentio )
5200 Miles to Go Series ☆
Time and distance made all the difference in Jounouchi and Kaiba's relationship.

Red As Fire )

Joey )

Firsts )

Green-Eyed )

Evolutionarily Stable Strategies )

Crook and Flail )
Fate Map )
Fear Not )
Ghostrick Scare )
gloriously drunk, we no longer know the meaning of unhappiness )
I always knew you were up to no good )
Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed? )
Looking Back in Retrospective )
Love Signs )
Sins in Seven )
Stay With Me Series ☆
A series of one-shots and drabbles set in a modern day AU where there are no Millennium Items or magic. One major deviation from the series that spurs most of the changes in this universe is that Kaiba Noa survives the accident that should have killed him, leaving him able to openly compete with the young Kaiba Seto and ultimately take over Kaiba Corporation. All the characters must navigate the web of relationships and pitfalls as they come together in Domino City.

Domestic Harmony )

In the Absence of My Best Friend )

Proving to Myself )

Trial by Fire )

Always With You )
Tomb of Horrors )


going forth by day (Sherlock/Yu-Gi-Oh!) )
Hit and miss (Sherlock/Doctor Who) )
Mejin Kaibaguchi (Yu-Gi-Oh!/Gundam Build Fighters) )
Point of Origin (Yu-Gi-Oh!/Harry Potter) )
Said the spider to the fly (Sherlock/xxxHolic) )
Seto's Pure Heart? Jounouchi To The Rescue (Yu-Gi-Oh!/Sailor Moon) )
Solar Flare (Yu-Gi-Oh!/Doctor Who) )


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